MLB Baseball



Statistic Points
Single + 30 Pts
Double + 50 Pts
Triple + 80 Pts
Homerun + 100 Pts
Run Batted In (RBI) + 20 Pts
Run + 20 Pts
Base on Balls (Walk) + 20 Pts
Hit by Pitch + 20 Pts
Stolen Base + 50 Pts


Statistic Points
Inning Pitched + 22.5 Pts
Strike Out + 20 Pts
Win + 40 Pts
Earned Run Allowed - 20 Pts
Hit Against - 6 Pts
Base on Balls Against - 6 Pts
Hit Batsman - 6 Pts
Complete Game + 25 Pts
Complete Game Shutout + 25 Pts
No Hitter + 50 Pts


Each Lineup Consists of 8 Players:

Number Position
1 Pitcher (P)
1 Catcher (C)
1 1st Baseman (1B)
1 2nd Baseman (2B)
1 3rd Baseman (3B)
1 Shortstop (SS)
2 Outfielders (OF)


athlete pool

The athlete pool consists of all athletes expected to participate in a sporting event or a group of events with a projected score of one (1) or greater

The athlete pool may change based on updates to scoring projections and or athlete eligibility (injury, suspension, etc.). If cases where an athlete has been spun, but is no longer available the lineup will be granted the initial projected score for athlete. For multi-spin tournaments the FantasySpin user will also have the option to edit their lineup if they have available spins remaining.

Position Eligibility

Player positions are determined at the sole discretion of FantasySpin & their partners.